Hi, I'm a photographer based in Minneapolis. Easy-going and unobtrusive, I love capturing candid moments full of movement and expression. Get in touch at ben.hejkal@gmail.com.

“What's great about Ben is his down-to-earth and approachable attitude. I usually dislike being in front of the camera but when Ben is the one taking the photos, it somehow just doesn't feel as intrusive. He has a way of bringing out the best in you for the shot without making you feel in the spotlight.” -Evgenia

“He’s able to capture the subtleties in his photos that make images look and feel alive.” -Jamin

“He has an excellent eye for moments and is astoundingly unobtrusive, leading to natural, perfectly-timed candids.” -Mike

“The photo-session is like hanging out with a friend.” -Bala

“Ben Hejkal is the perfect event photographer. He is polite, professional, and easy to work with- before, during, and after the event. When he sent us our wedding photos, I expected to go through and pick out the good ones, but every one was good. He captured everything from the overall party to the tiniest detail; from the lace on the dress to the joyous dancing at the reception, to beautifully posed family portraits. He has an excellent eye for moments and is astoundingly unobtrusive, leading to natural, perfectly-timed candids. Our photos are far more beautiful than we could have imagined; they have a fresh natural quality that makes them timeless, and the light is perfect in every shot. There is nothing that we would change about our experience with Ben, and we will absolutely continue to use him in the future.” -Mike

“One thing that I really appreciate about Ben Hejkal is the unobtrusive quality of his presence at our wedding. He took great care to capture the all the nuances of feeling and atmosphere at our event without ever disturbing our special moments. That’s a quality of a true professional.” “Having you come photograph the day was in my opinion our single best wedding decision.” -Andrea

“We absolutely love our wedding pictures! His pictures were vivid and touching, and got great quiet moments and fun action shots of all of our friends and family. The most amazing thing about Ben, which so few wedding photographers are good at, is that he did it all while being unobtrusive to the point of being almost invisible. He captured beautiful natural pictures without having to interrupt the party, or block anyone's view. Thank you Ben! Your pictures beautifully captured the intimacy, fun and emotions that help us relive our special day!” -Maureen and Sam